ASC series

11/2/2001 Government Causes the Crime, Part I
James Redford says the State, far from wanting to end crime, encourages it to keep the sheeple clamoring for more "protection."

11/3/2001 Government Causes the Crime, Part II
James Redford on government-caused terrorism and Islamic law.

11/4/2001 Government Causes the Crime, Part III
The conclusion to James Redford's series on the filthy criminal government.

7/15/2002 Geoanarchism
Fred Foldvary explains the concepts of Georgism/Geoism and their relation to libertarianism/anarchism.

7/16/2002 The Case Against Geoism
Jan Narveson says land ownership is no different than the ownership of any other thing, including ourselves.

7/18/2002 Why Geoists and Market Anarchists Can and Should Be Friends
Gil Guillory and Fred Foldvary hold hands and tell us why we CAN all be friends!

7/19/2002 Pure Libertarianism
Jan Narveson on libertarian theory.